All our courses comply with the latest IMDG Code training requirements for Singapore. Both courses include two additional modules specifically for Singapore – Singapore Regulations and Waste Transport Requirements.

The course(s) include IMDG Code web access for 90 days (for use with the courses only) to help in answering questions as this part of the course is ‘open book’. Students can automatically hyperlink to the relevant parts of the IMDG Code from their course screens.

IMDG Courses



IMDG Vol. 1 & 2

IMDG Vol. 1 & 2

IMDG Supplement

IMDG Supplement

Who should take the course

Both shore side staff and personnel at sea involved in handling, documenting, packing, transporting and storing of dangerous goods:



Container packers
& consolidators

Shipping line
operations & booking staff


Port staff

Cargo surveyors


Our IMDG Code e-Learning courses in Singapore are an online alternative to classroom-based training on the mandatory IMDG Code training. We offer flexible online IMDG Code courses where the coursework is completed online to give you total flexibility on where and when you study for the test. By doing 90% of the course online, it gives you total flexibility on where, when and how you study for the end of course test.

You only need the internet and a PC, laptop or tablet device to access the coursework once you have purchased the courses you need.

The online coursework is split into modules. Each module corresponds to a chapter in the IMDG Code. Each module is comprised of several elements and a compulsory test is taken after each element to demonstrate an understanding of the content.
When you are ready to take the end of course test, book a place at our office by emailing

Our IMDG Code courses are produced by Exis Technologies in collaboration with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). They are approved by The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

Book your IMDG test

To pass the IMDG course, you need to take an end of course test at the Weilbach Singapore office. The person booking the course needs to be the person taking the test. Identification will be checked before the test is taken. When you are ready to take your test, email to book your place. Please allow 1 hour to take the test and make sure you arrive on time.

You will need to take proof of identification with you. We can accept the following identification: Passport, NRIC, FIN. We will present you with a printed certificate after you have passed the test.


Who is the Standard course for?

This course is for general shipping personnel such as booking office staff, administrators, customer support and office personnel who require a sound working knowledge of the IMDG Code and dangerous goods shipping requirements.

This Function Specific course is designed to meet the training requirements in and of the IMDG Code. It provides suitable function specific training for those personnel who may not be covered by the more ‘hands on’ Function Specific courses.

Course content

  • An introduction to the IMDG Code
  • An overview of the IMDG Code general provisions
  • An overview of dangerous goods classification and identification provisions
  • An overview on package marking and labelling requirements
  • An overview of CTU marking and placarding requirements
  • In-depth training on documentation requirements and completion procedures
  • An overview of stowage requirements
  • An overview of segregation requirements
  • An overview of the requirements for limited quantities and excepted quantities shipments
  • An overview of additional provisions concerning transport, including emergency response provisions

*This course also includes 90 days IMDG web access for easy reference


Who is the Refresher course for?

The Refreshed course provides a recap of the main IMDG Code provisions and includes an update on Amendment 39-18 of the IMDG Code for personnel who have already been trained online, or in the classroom, and have experience of the IMDG Codes provisions. The course outlines the main changes in the latest Amendment update in every new Amendment.

Our IMDG Code courses are produced in cooperation with
Exis Technologies and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and approved by The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

When you purchase the course(s), we will verify your identification. Before you take the end of course test at our Singapore office, we will check your identification. It is a requirement that the person purchasing the course(s) must be the same person who attends the test.

*This course also includes 90 days IMDG web access for easy reference